• Using our state of the art bullnosing machinery, we achieve uniform edge profile, smoothness, and polish
  • Protects your natural stone tiles edge against cracks, weathering and UV rays.
  • Unique manufacturing process allows us to produce bullnose in both small and large quantities.
  • We do custom bullnose to match your specific size spefications
  • Our edging isn't limited to bullnose.  We also offer flat polishing & bevel edges.
  • Location is run by owner to achieve high quality results with top of the industry quality control
  • We guarantee your satisfaction!

Bullnosing your natural stone such as granite, marble, travertine and slate can bring out your natural stone tiles natural beauty.  By having us give your tile a rounded bullnose edge eliminates concerns of sourcing a manufactured bullnose for your natural stone tile selection.  We hand polish all of our natural stone tile bullnose for uniformity, allowing us to create the best bullnose edge in the industry. 
Our client base reflects the range of our expertise, and includes:

Home Flippers
Non-Profit Organizations
Government Buildings
Commercial Organizations
Construction Companies
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