• Fully customizable.  Want 5 3/8" x 12" strips?  No problem.  How about
              2 3/4" x 13"?  We can do that.
  • Fast turnaround.  Local service takes 2 to 3 days.  If ordered online, expect to receive your order in less than 10 days.
  • We also offer flat glazed edges, and bevel glazed edges.
  • Smooth, uniform look.  Our quality will surprise you.
  • Your imagination is our limit. 
  • 100% Guaranteed satisfaction.  Order today!
Allowing us to bullnose your porcelain tile enables you to achieve the best possible look for your porcelain tile trim.  Our sophisticated manufacturing process obtains a smooth, uniform look that exceeds any other company on the planet.  Guaranteed.
Our client base reflects the range of our expertise, and includes:

Home Flippers
Non-Profit Organizations
Government Buildings
Commercial Organizations
Construction Companies
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