We place an emphasis on quality of service.  Founded in 2002, Bullnose World LLC is commited to providing quality fabrication services at discount rates.  We utilize state of the art machinery, and combine it with old world craftsmanship, to better serve our customer. 

Have any questions?  Don't hesitate to call our office, or one of our stone specialists.  We offer bullnose edging on marble, granite, ceramic, porcelain, slate & composite stones.  Have a large project or job that involves bullnose edging and/or precision cutting?  No problem!  Bullnose World offers special high volume pricing and 1-7 day turn around.  Some orders can be completed same day.

What makes us unique is the personal attention, commitment and energy we bring to each client relationship. Each client is assigned a team that includes a Partner; that team works together to ensure that the client's order planning and execution are designed specifically to meet her or his stone & tiling needs.
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Timothy D. Wooldridge, Owner
Tim has been in the tile industry since he was a kid.  Starting as a young teenager, Tim worked as a tile fabricator for the company.  His knowledge grew into his early 20's when he blossomed into a leading role with the firm.  Now as owner of Bullnose World LLC, Tim ensures that each and every order that passes through his doors undergoes the same quality & craftsmanship as the other. 

Daniel L. Wooldridge, Founder
Dan started Bullnose World LLC in early 2002 in his garage. and quickly grew, where the company transistioned into their final fabrication facility off of Fillmore & Cascade in beautiful downtown Colorado Springs, CO.  After retiring in 2011, and passing on ownership to his son, Dan still oversees some operations of the Company.
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